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I am Dr. Gilberto A. Sánchez Rico and I distinguish myself by being widely trained and prepared to provide a safe and effective service. Likewise, I have the quality and work equipment necessary to perform each of my procedures.

I specialize in facial harmonization and face restructuring, serving more than 1,000 patients a year who end up satisfied and looking more attractive.


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Jenny Watt

Amazing! I have lips done with dermal filler every 6 months in the UK and Australia. This was the first time I experienced virtually no pain. There was several different techniques used to minimise pain and even hours later I felt minimal pain and no bruising at all.

Julio Palau

Acompañe a una persona que se elimino las arrugas a traves de Neuromodulador Químico y la atención del Dr Gilberto fue muy cálida, le explicó al paciente de que se trataba, al terminar dio las indicaciones finales para evitar molestias secundarias

Cynthia Hammer

Would love to give more than 5 stars as this clinic is amazing, professional and knowledgeable. Dr Sanchez is truly an artist with exceptional medical knowledge. The assistants Alejandro and Daphne took excellent care of me during my treatment